SetUpdateOffset Offset, Length, Relative


Transmits an active cursor to the offset location after the WaitForUpdate command is satisfied. Use the CursorRow and CursorColumn properties to verify the cursor location.

Command Parameters

Offset Argument type: Integer

The row and column coordinates on a terminal screen. The offset is zero-based and is the equivalent of the following formula:

offset = [(row - 1) x width] + (col - 1)

The reverse formulas (offset to row/col) are as follows:

= (offset / width) + 1, where the division operation uses integer logic (remainder of the division operation is ignored)

= (offset % width) + 1, where % means modulo (use only the remainder of a division operation)

Example: For an 80 column terminal screen:

row 1, col 1 = offset zero (always true)
row 1, col 2 = offset 1 (always true)
row 2, col 1 = offset 80 *(depends on the screen width)

Length Argument type: Integer
  The length of the active offset.
Relative Argument type: Enumeration
  Select whether or not to make this offset relative to the cursor's current location by choosing either Yes or No.