SetScanCodeName ScanType, ScanCode, Key


Assigns a name to a key's scan code. You only need to use SetScanCodeName if you're using a nonstandard keyboard—that is, a keyboard with different key names than a standard keyboard, or a keyboard whose keys generate scan codes that differ from those generated by a standard keyboard.

Command Parameters

ScanType Argument type: Enumeration
  The type of scan code generated by the key.

There are three possible values for this argument:

Extended—An extended scan code is one that starts with E0.

Extended E1—Like Extended, except the scan code starts with E1 instead of E0.

Normal—If the scan code does not start with E0 or E1, use Normal as your ScanType.

ScanCode Argument type: Integer
  The decimal value of the scan code.
Key Argument type: String
  Specifies a string that you create for the key name. One possible name is the name of the key in question, but Host Integrator accepts any alphanumeric string.