ReadVarFromTerminal "Variable", Length


Saves terminal data of a specified length in the selected variable.

This command reads terminal screen text into a Host Integrator variable, starting at the terminal's cursor position, and reading up to [length] characters. This can include the OIA and divider line (IBM hosts), VT status line, or HP function key definitions.

Note: When the OIA (operator information area), divider line characters, and other uncommon special characters are copied to the variable, they will not be displayed the same way that they appear in the Design Tool terminal window. The terminal text character's byte values are copied to the Verastream Host Integrator variable without regard to the font used to render them in the design tool's terminal window.

Command Parameters

Variable Select the variable to be used when this length is recognized on the terminal screen.
Length Argument type: Integer
  The length of the data string.