Table Wizard Step 1 -- Introduction

The Table Wizard helps you create tables of selected data in your host application. Using procedures, you can abstract your host application so that client applications can perform abstraction level queries of host applications using a subset of the industry standard Structure Query Language (SQL). This makes it possible for you to access the data in your host applications via SQL queries even if your host application is not designed to respond to SQL queries.

You can also access host data directly through the Host Integrator connector APIS using the PerformTableProcedure method.

Provide the following information in step 1 of the Table Wizard:

This is the name Host Integrator will use to identify the table in the Table Editor. It is also the name client applications will use to query the host application model via SQL statements.

Provide a description of the currently selected table. The description text only appears in the Table Editor.


Click Next to proceed to the next step or click Finish to exit the Table Wizard.