Operation Edit

Use the Operation Edit dialog box to add, edit, or delete commands in a command list. To open this dialog box, click the Edit button under Command list on the Operation tab. The following provides information about the read-only options and the settings available:

Read-only option that displays the name of the operation.

Read-only option that displays the name of the entity from which the operation was created.

Read-only option that displays the entity to which the operation is navigating.

Displays the commands associated with the selected operation.
Select a command and press the F1 key or click the Command Help button for detailed online help for that command.
Click to view a list of all available commands. To create an operation, select any one or more commands and click OK.
To delete a command from the Commands list, select the command and click this button.
Click to navigate up through the Commands list.
Click to navigate down the Commands list.

Command description
Displays a description of the selected command.

Command parameters
Contains the parameters associated with the selected command. This information changes depending on the parameters of the command.

Click to save any edits to the command list and exit this dialog box.

Click to exit this dialog box without saving any changes.

Click to display online help for this dialog box.

Click to delete the entire command list.

Click to retrieve a previous edit to the command list.

Click Import to select a model template as your command list for the current operation. Note: To create a template, open the Model Templates dialog box.

Command Help
Click to get online help on the command selected in the Command list.