Select Navigator on the Debug menu to open the Navigator. The Navigator dialog box displays a graphical representation of the entities and operations in your model. Use the Navigator to review the structure of your host application and test traversal operations in your model to ensure that there is a valid traversal operation that can reach every entity in your model. You can use the Navigator either while you are connected to the host or running in offline mode.

Note: Select the Use for navigation commands to this destination check box on the Operation tab so the Navigator is aware of an operation between two entities. Only one operation between two entities can have this option selected.

The Navigator uses the following symbols to represent entities and operations in a model:



Selected entity.

There is no operation available to navigate away from this entity.


Use Root view at to change the root entity currently displayed in the Model window. Select either Home entity, the Current entity, or Custom to choose any entity in the model.

Testing Traversal Operations

To test the Host Integrator's ability to navigate to an entity, click the entity in the Navigator window. If you are connected to the host, you will see the Host Integrator navigate to the entity in the host application in the model window.

Identifying Operations

To determine the name of an operation, click it in the Navigator window. The name of the operation appears next to Selected operation in the top portion of the Navigator dialog box.