Model Templates

Click Templates on the Model menu or click the Templates button on the standard toolbar to open the Model Templates dialog box. Use this dialog box to create and edit command list templates that can be reused throughout the modeling process. These templates are then stored in the .model file. For example, create a command list containing the CheckOperationConditions command, the WaitForDisplayString command, and a TransmitToAttr command that can be utilized on various entities. By default, CheckOperationConditions command is automatically added to each template.

Note: The Design Tool stores templates in the .model file.

To create a model template:

  1. Click the Add button to create a model template. By default, the name OpTemplate_0 is provided as well as a CheckOperationConditions command.
  2. To change the name of the template, select it and type the new name in the Name list.
  3. To create the template, click the Edit button to open the Command List Edit dialog box.
  4. Create a command list using the command options and then click OK.
  5. The Model Templates dialog box opens and displays the command list in the Commands box.
  6. Click OK.

To use an existing model template in your model:

  1. Open the Operation Edit dialog box and click Import to open the Import dialog box.
  2. Expand Template in the Command list directory tree and select a template to use. If a green dot appears in front of the template name, it is ready to use.