Event Handler Console

To open the Event Handler Console, click the button on the Event Handler toolbar or click Event Handler Console on the Debug menu.

The Event Handler Console displays the output that event handlers have sent to the System.out and System.err streams. You can use the remote debugging features in your Java development environment to set breakpoints, step through code, and view runtime status.

Host Integrator writes to the console even when it is hidden, so you can open it for information after some unexpected behavior occurs. Any unhandled exception that is not an ApptrieveException or EventTimeoutException causes a stack dump to be written here.

Configuring and Using the Console

You can open the console window yourself, or you can choose to open the console automatically when the Design Tool starts.

Each Design Tool instance (or Session Server instance) sends output to a distinct console window. When you are debugging your event handlers, use Alt+Tab to review console output.

Console Options

Wrap Lines—By default, output lines are wrapped at the right window edge. Select the Wrap lines check box to change this option.

Copy—Copies the selected text to the Windows Clipboard.

Clear—Removes all buffered output from the display.

Close—Closes the console window.

Session Server Debug Settings

In a production environment, the standard output or standard error stream information will, by default, be thrown away. You can use the script.properties file to designate a file where this information should be directed. Manual reduction of this file must be performed periodically.