Inserting an Error Entity into a Procedure

Error Entities are screens containing patterns that indicate an error has occurred in the procedure. You can define error entities by purposely entering bad data in a host application and capturing the resulting screen as an entity. Adding one or more error entities to a procedure is a way to build error checking into your model.

Note: If the procedure is using an operation that includes the error entity, you do not need to insert it into the procedure.


To insert an error entity in a procedure:

  1. In the Procedure Diagram Pane of the Procedure Editor, click the entity that preceded the insertion point for the error entity.
  2. Click the Insert Error Entity button on the Icon Button Bar to open the Insert Error Entity dialog box.
  3. Select the entity you want to insert as an error entity from the Entity box.


Using the Insert Error Entity Dialog Box

The Insert Error Entity dialog box enables you to select the error entity to insert into the procedure.

The Entity box lists all the entities in the current table. Click an entity name to insert it at the current location.

A green ball identifies those entities that can be successfully traversed from the insertion point. A red X indicates Host Integrator cannot navigate to that entity; there is a problem with either the navigation path or input parameters. You can add an entity with a red X, but you need to correct its navigation or parameters to provide a way to traverse to the added entity.


Preview Pane
As you build the procedure, the Preview pane displays a visual layout of the relationship of the entities, operations, and recordsets in the procedure.