Host Event Edit

To open the Host Event Edit dialog box, click Host Events on the Model menu or click the Edit button on the Event Expression Editor dialog box. Use this dialog box to add, edit, or delete global events to be used in operations throughout the modeling process.

Note: The events described here are used to synchronize the Host Integrator server with the state of the host application. These host synchronization events should be distinguished from the event handling that performs or extends actions in the model file itself.

Defining global host events enables you to rely on a specific order of events encapsulated into one WaitForMultipleEvents command in an operation. This feature enables a more reliable way to synchronize how data is being sent from a character mode host. Since Host Integrator handles only one command per packet of data, the WaitForMultipleEvents command is designed to encapsulate several global events into one unique command in an operation.

Choose from the following list of possible global events:

To add a global host event:

  1. Click the right arrow button and select global host event. To delete a host event, select it from the Events box and click the minus button.
  2. Under Event properties, type a unique event name in the Event name box.
  3. Under Event parameters, configure any of the options available.
  4. When you have finished defining the event, click OK.

To create a WaitForMultipleEvents command using one or more global events:

  1. Open the Operation Edit dialog box, click the right arrow button, then point to Events, and select WaitForMultipleEvents.
  2. Click the Edit button to open the Host Event Expression Editor dialog box.
  3. After you've created your expression using the operand buttons to string together any global events, click OK.
  4. The new WaitForMultipleEvents command is now included in current operation.

Note: Each event contains unique parameters. For documentation on a specific event, select the event in the Events box and click the Event Help button.