Event Handler Settings: Debugging

Use the Debugging tab in the Event Handler Settings dialog box to configure your debugging options. These settings are stored in the Windows registry as per-user settings. Event Handler debugging allows a third-party Java IDE debugger to connect to the Host Integrator script server. Each Design Tool instance starts its own script server instance.

Note: Other properties for event handling can be stored in properties files.

Java Debug Port

First port to try
Design Tool starts searching for an available remote debugging port at the port selected here. The default value is 5005. This value is saved as a per-user setting. If another Script Server instance is already running at the setting specified here, the next available port is used.

Debug Port Assigned
This is the JVM remote debug port that is currently in use. This is a read-only setting. You may need to configure your Java IDE if the Debug port assigned is other than the default 5005 or if you will be doing remote debugging with the Java IDE running on a separate system instead of "localhost."

Event handler console
Select Show when Design Tool starts to open the event handler console automatically when the Design Tool opens. You can open the console manually from the Debug menu or from the Event Handler toolbar. These debugging settings apply to script server instances started by Design Tool. The Host Integrator Session Server runs its own separate script server instance, but you must restart the server in order to change event handler debug settings.