Event Handler Properties

After you have created an event handler, you can review its properties. Click the button in any dialog box where you can add or edit an event handler.

Handler Type

The handler type of the selected event handler. All event handlers correspond to a specific object type within a model.

Java Class Name

If you provide a fully qualified name (with a prepended package name) when you created the event handler, the class reflects the final (unique) portion of the name.


The package name is displayed here if you provided a fully qualified name (with a prepended package name) when you named the event handler. When you supply a package name, it is remembered as the default package name for this model.


Shows additional information about the event handler that was entered when you created the event handler.

Events Handled

This information is based on handler metadata. All events that can be handled by this type of handler are listed, along with an indication if the event is currently enabled in this handler. The Timeout column shows any nondefault event timeout for an event, as listed in the event handler metadata.

Click on any of the event handler object types below to see information about the events that can be included for each type.


Life Cycle