Deployment Options: Recording Tab

Use the Recording tab of the Deployment Options dialog box to configure model debug messages recording for models you deploy from the Design Tool. This setting is associated with the Model Debug Messages feature available from the Debug tab within the Design Tool.

When you choose to record messages, you can use the Model Debug Messages option to open model debug message files (these have a .vmr extension by default). The recorded model debug messages provide a view of past behavior, demonstrating a model interacting with a terminal datastream. This gives the detail that is sometimes necessary to diagnose and repair a malfunctioning model. The message files are stored in the model debug message directory specified for the server configuration (by default, the \etc\reports folder of Host Integrator installation) and are named based on server startup time, session ID, and model name.

Note: This option is associated with the model only when it is deployed from the Design Tool to the local server or to another test server. When deploying to a production server, use deployment descriptors, or use the Model Debug Messages recording setting within the Administrative WebStation for an individual model or for a session pool.

Record nothing
By default, no model debug messages are recorded.

Record errors
Errors are logged for the model debug messages utility. No other messages are logged.

Record everything
All model debug messages are included in the model debug messages log. If you are doing model debugging on a model under development in the Design Tool, this setting is recommended.