Deployment Options: Host Tab

Use the Host tab on the Deployment Options dialog box to specify which host the model is to connect to. To access the Host tab, open a model in the Design Tool, then select Deployment Options on the File menu.

The host connection settings you specify here will be used when you deploy a model from the Design Tool. Click the Deploy to Local Server button or select either the Deploy to Local Server or Deploy to Test Server option on the File menu. Deploying a model from the Design Tool creates a deployment descriptor file (deploy_desc.xml) in the model's deploy\design_tool folder.

If you do not use this dialog box to configure deployment settings, the deployment uses the settings specified in the Session Settings dialog box.

Note: The Host tab defines the connection from the Host Integrator Server to a host for this particular model, and has nothing to do with the server to which the model is deployed.


Sessions connect to host defined by model

This option is the default. The host connection settings specified in the Session Settings dialog box (available by choosing Session Setup from the Connection menu) are used.

Sessions connect to specified host

Type in a host name and port number to deploy your model using connection information other than that specified in the Sessions Settings dialog box.

Host name

Specifies the name or IP address of the host with which the model will communicate.

Host port

Specifies the port via which the model will communicate with the host.