Attribute Tab

The Attribute tab contains all of the settings used to define attributes on a selected entity. If you've just added a new attribute to your model, the following options will be available for configuring an attribute:

Next to the Name box, there are five buttons that allow a user to add a new attribute, delete the current one, check advanced attribute properties, test the selected attribute, or auto-generate attributes.


Attribute Errors Tab

The Attribute Errors tab is only available if an attribute is relative to a pattern. For example, if an error pattern is used to position an attribute, that pattern will not be part of the entity signature; consequently, the entity will be recognized by the host, but the pattern will not be found until the error is caused. Since the attribute's location is relative to this pattern, any request to read the attribute will fail prior to the error condition. Select one of the following options from the If unable to locate a relative attribute during fetch box to resolve this case:

In addition, the following tabs are available to configure attributes: