To identify a keystroke

  1. Click any modifier keys (Alt, Ctrl, or Shift) that you want to use in the keystroke.
  2. This step is optional. You can create keystrokes with no modifier keys (such as F7), with a single modifier key (Ctrl+F7), or with multiple modifier keys (Shift+Ctrl+F7).

  3. Select a primary key.
  4. This can be any key on the PC keyboard--except an unavailable key. Cyan keys are already mapped. To remap a key, click Remove, and then continue.

    If your keyboard keys on your keyboard do not exactly match the PC keyboard keys shown in the Keyboard Setup dialog box, use your keyboard, instead of the mouse, to select a PC keystroke. That way, you'll be able to see how your keyboard keys correspond to the keys on the Design Tool's graphical PC keyboard. Select a key, click an empty spot anywhere under PC Keyboard, and use your keyboard to press the keys you want. Do not use your mouse to click any keys.

    Limitation: You cannot remap the Windows logo function keys.