Removing an Event Handler

You can use options within the Design Tool to detach event handlers from Host Integrator components. If you also want to remove associated files, additional steps are required.

Detaching an event handler

  1. Click Events > Attach to open the Attach Event Handlers dialog box.
  2. Navigate to the object that has the event handler you want to detach.
  3. In the right panel, the Event Handlers column lists the event handler attached to an object. This option is available whether you view event handlers sorted by Structure or by Type.
  4. When you click the event handler, a list is available. Select <None> from the list.
  5. Click OK.

Removing an event handler file

You should check for the presence of any other component using an event handler before deleting it. Use the Type tab in the Attach Event Handlers dialog box to review any components that may still be using the event handler in question. If you delete the .java file when an event handler is still attached to a component, the event handler will be displayed in red in the Attach Event Handlers dialog box, and you will be warned when you try to save the model that it cannot be deployed in its current state.

  1. The .java file associated with an event handler is located in Program Files\VHI\models\<model name>\scripts\src. Delete the .java file for the event handler.
  2. In the Design tool, click Events > Rebuild to rebuild the model JAR file.