Creating Tables Using the Tables Dialog Box

Tables abstract the data in your host application to make it available to client applications through SQL queries or other Host Integrator APIs. Tables columns correspond to model attributes and fields. You can create tables for your host application model in either online or offline mode.

Here's how you create a table using the Table dialog box:

  1. In the Design Tool, click Tables on the Model menu to open the Tables dialog box.
  2. Then, click New in the Tables dialog box and select Table in the Create a new table or procedure dialog box that appears.
  3. Type a name for the new table in the Name box.
    This is the name Host Integrator will use to identify the table in the Table Editor and that client applications use to query the host application model.
  4. Type a description of the table in the Description box.
  5. To add columns to the table:
    1. Click the Add Column (+) button to the right of the Columns box to add one or more new columns.
    2. In the Name field, replace the auto-generated column name (Column1, Column2, etc) with a meaningful name, typically the name of the attribute or recordset field that this column will be mapped to in a procedure.
    3. Select the column's data type by clicking the down arrow in the Data Type entry area and selecting one of the options: Float, Integer, or Text.
    4. Click the Key box to identify this column as the key.
    5. If required, specify the column's minimum and maximum values in the Column properties minimum/maximum boxes.
    6. Enter a description of the column in the Description box.
  6. If you want the Host Integrator to return a partial set of data to a querying application using SQL, select the Allow SQL SELECT statements to return a subset of columns when all columns are requested box. If you clear this check box, Host Integrator returns an error to a querying application if it cannot return all columns when a wildcard '*' is specified in SQL.


Note: You can create tables using the Table Wizard, which prompts you for the necessary information.