Design Tool Overview

The Design Tool is part of the Verastream® Host Integrator Development Kit. These help topics provide you with basic information about the Design Tool and its capabilities.

Design Tool User Interface Summary

Features of the Design Tool

Connect to a variety of host types -
Select from 3270/5250/VT/HP terminal types

Encapsulate host functionality -
Develop models through an automated process that encapsulates host functions such as data elements and screen navigation.

Abstract a host application
Create procedures (and underlying tables) to add a database abstraction layer on top of your host application model. Client application programmers can then access this database abstraction layer, either by a direct call to a procedure or through a subset of the industry-standard Structured Query Language (SQL).

Use core runtime services
Test and debug model definitions and procedures prior to deployment.

Record command lists
Click a button to record host commands for login, logout or cursor movement.

Design offline
After creating basic model entities, you can do further work with the model without being connected to the host.

Configure preferences
Configure your own defaults for Design Tool behavior.

Add event handlers
Extend model capabilities by defining specific events that will suspend the interpretation of a model and turn control over to user-supplied procedural code.


Read about the host application models included with Host Integrator.