Attribute/Field Input Commands

Attribute/field input commands directly modify the value of an attribute or recordset field and write that value directly to the terminal screen.

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Since managing the order of screen updates can be problematic in character mode applications, the following commands are designed to enable control of this ordering process. When using these commands, make sure to enable the caching feature available on the Advanced Entity Properties dialog box and the Recordset Fields tab. By enabling the caching feature, Host Integrator will store any attribute or recordset field data until one of the following commands are included in an operation, which orders the write of the cached data to the terminal screen. By default, an UpdateAttribute command is inserted into each generated operation when Cache all attribute writes is selected. Since attribute data assignments can be arbitrarily mixed between an operation and a Host Integrator API, the order in which data is actually written to the terminal can be important to the host application.

For more detailed information about configuring your model, see Model Examples, especially the section describing the features of the Pine host application model.