Host Integrator Components

The Host Integrator Development Kit provides developers with the tools to model and build a host application model. For installation information on any of the following components, see the Verastream Host Integrator Installation Guide. The Host Integrator Server Kit does not include the development tools. See the Host Integrator Components Overview for more information.

AADS — Authorizes and authenticates users for access to specific services, stores Administrative WebStation configurations, manages security profiles, tracks domains, and maintains a list of the servers in an installation. For more information, see the Host Integrator Server Reference.

Server — The Host Integrator Server, also called the Session Server, handles all requests for models, manages host sessions, handles security via AADS, and routes data between the host, the model, and the external application. For more information, see the Host Integrator Server Reference.

Design Tool — Allows a host expert to encapsulate host functions by modeling and abstracting an existing host application into services. These services can then be integrated into client/server and web applications.

Administrative WebStation — The Administrative WebStation is a browser-based tool that allows administrators to remotely view and configure security, servers, and domains. For more information, see the Host Integrator Server Reference.

Terminal Host Adapters — These Host Integrator connectors contain support files and libraries that allow you to access the Verastream Host Integrator application programming interfaces. For more information, see the Host Integrator API Reference.

Session Monitor — The Session Monitor is a debugging tool that allows you to view host sessions connecting from Host Integrator Servers in real time.

Log Utilities — The Log Utilities are responsible for coordinating all logging activity within the Verastream Host Integrator.

Host Emulator — The Host Emulator is a browser-based tool that allows you to run 3270 models created with the Design Tool without having a live connection to a host. For more information, see the Host Emulator Reference.

Verastream Help — The Verastream Help includes this HTML-based online help system for all phases of developing and delivering a Host Integrator application.

Web Builder Web Builder automatically creates web applications ranging from simple rejuvenation to encapsulating host functionality into a web service or JavaBeans.

See the Design Tool Overview for a description of the Design Tool and its features.