Variables (Variables Dialog Box)

The Variables box contains a list of defined variables. By default, the Design Tool provides the following predefined variables:


Tip: The userID and password variables should be initialized at connection since the data for these variables will change each time a new user connects to a host. Under Initialization in the Initialize variable box, select Initialize variable at host connect for both the userid and password variables.

To add a new variable, click New. The Design Tool provides a default name, such as Variable1. To change the default name, select it in the Variable name box under Properties.

To delete a variable, select it from the Variables box and click Delete. If you try to delete a variable that is in use, the Design Tool warns you that the variable in question is in use and cannot be deleted.

Note: A variable can be associated with an attribute and used for conditional operations and data fetching. For more information, see the Attribute Variables tab in the Entity window.