Selection (Recordset Operations Dialog Box)

Certain recordsets allow you to select a record and then move to another entity for more information about that record. To encapsulate this required action, create a selection operation.

To view an example of a selection operation:

  1. Open the SIDemo example and navigate to the CustomerPurchases entity.
  2. Open the Recordset Operations dialog box.
  3. Under Selection, view the choices in the Selection operation list.
  4. To view the commands in these operations, click the Operation tab and select an operation from the Name box.
  5. View the commands in the Command list box.

From a data object or tables, the API developer can choose to "getCurrentRecord" (scroll to a specific record in a recordset and return its contents) or "fetchRecords" (fetch up to the maximum rows of data from the Host Integrator Server for the current recordset of the current entity). The expected result of selection is to navigate to the entity that contains the additional information. For more information, search for "getCurrentRecord" or "fetchRecords" in the Host Integrator API Reference.

If the host supports this navigation by selection, select the Host allows navigation by record selection check box and select a defined operation from the Selection operation list. To test this operation, click the Test button from the Recordset tab.