Scroll Up (Recordset Termination Options Dialog Box)

Use this tab to define how Host Integrator is to recognize that it has reached the first page of a recordset (at which point it no longer makes any sense to continue scrolling up).

Note: In order for these configured options to take effect, you must define a page up operation for the selected recordset on the Operation tab. To view an example of a page up operation, open the Pine model and select the AddressBook entity.

Scroll termination criteria

The options in this group define a set of behaviors that a host application might use to indicate the first page of a recordset. The options you select from this set are defined as "termination criteria," which let Host Integrator know that it has reached the beginning (first page) of a recordset. If you select multiple termination criteria, Host Integrator assumes the beginning of the recordset is reached as soon as any one of the selected criteria is satisfied.

If you attach an event handler to the recordset that has an Is Terminated event implemented, a lightning bolt ( ) is displayed to the left of this option. This is a reminder that the event handler may include logic that overrides or extends any of the settings you configure below.