Record Size (Recordset Layout Tab)

Allows you to define the size of the each recordset with the following options:

Default. Select this if your recordset takes up a set number of rows. The default is one row.

Select this option to specify where the beginning and end of a recordset are on an entity. Note: The Delimit by and End of screen is always a delimiter options will be available if Variable is selected.

Delimit by
Select an option to specify delimiters with text and the horizontal placement of the text within a recordset. The following options are provided: <Blank line> (default), <Any text>, <Any number>, or <User specified text>. If you select an option other than <Blank line>, click the Advanced Delimiter Properties button to open the Advanced Recordset Delimiter Properties dialog box.

Start col
If you select <Any text> or <Any number> in the Delimit by box, select an option from this list to specify how the delimiter should be handled by the Design Tool. The following options are provided: Any Column or First Column (default). You can also numerically select your start column by using the up and down arrows.

End col
Specify the end column of your recordset to match the End specified in the Column location box.

Text (type or select it from the terminal screen)
If you selected <User specified text> above, use this text box to type the text you want to use for your delimiter.
Note: If you select a portion of the terminal screen that falls within the recordset and click the ! button, the Design Tool will update and transfer the written contents to the text control and the horizontal location to the column control.

When enabled, the following check boxes describe the physical characteristics of the recordset field as recognized by the host:

For VT sessions and some character mode HP sessions, the Field type and Text color check boxes are replaced with the following:

Case sensitive
Specifies whether or not text, either typed or selected from the terminal screen, will be stored as case sensitive text in your model.

End of screen is always a delimiter
Select this check box if you want the Host Integrator to always start a new record after iteration. Warning: If you select this option, do not select the Host overlaps records across screens option under Scrolling behavior in the Recordset Options dialog box.