Insert Record

To insert a specific record or multiple records into a recordset:

  1. Confirm that SIDemoMaster.model is open in the Host Emulator, then open SIDemo.model in the Design Tool.
  2. On the Connection menu, click connect to localhost via Telnet.
  3. From the Entity list on the Entity window, select CustomerPurchases.
  4. Click the Recordset tab and select CustomerList from the Name box.
  5. Click the Test button to open the Test Recordset dialog box.
  6. Select Insert Record from the Action box.
  7. In the Insert record box, notice that the Select and Customer fields have been created for this recordset and are listed in rows.
  8. To insert a record, type B. JONES into the Customer text box under the Value column.
  9. Click Execute.

    If the insert is successful, the record contents should appear in the Terminal window.

Note: Once you execute an insert on a recordset, you need to reset the recordset by either navigating away from it and returning, or executing the home operation on the recordset before executing any other method on it.