Configuring read options is possible for both attributes and recordset fields. Select either the Attribute Properties tab or the Recordset Fields tab to view the Read box. These options give you the ability to configure how Host Integrator processes terminal data that is read by allowing you to remove any set of spaces or symbols from the retrieved data.

Use the following options to configure how data is read:

If empty, fill from last record with valid data
Select this check box to add a value from the last record to an empty field in the retrieved data.

This option appears on the Recordset Fields tab only.

Example: An empty retrieval might be a field, such as "Mr.," that is programmed to be saved in one record in order to save space when consecutive records are encountered. This field is copied by the host application until an instance of "Mrs." appears. When this data is fetched by an API developer using one of the Host Integrator connectors, an empty field is returned because the host application has only saved "Mr." for one record—all of the other records return an empty field.
Remove trailing blanks
Select this check box to remove trailing blanks from data read by Host Integrator.
Remove leading blanks
Select this check box to removing leading blanks from date read by Host Integrator.
For more extensive substitution options, click Advanced.