Using CCSDemo

The CCSDemo model is an example of a 3270 host application model. To access data using CCSDemo, use the following case sensitive search criteria:

For example, to access Carla Smith's customer profile in CCSDemo, follow these steps:

  1. Open CCSDemo.model from the File menu.
  2. On the Connection menu, click Connect to localhost via Telnet.
  3. Select CustomerInquiryPanel from the Entity box in the Entity window.
  4. Type 2 in the SELECTION field.
  5. Type the above account number in the ACCOUNT field and press Enter.

    The account profile for Carla Smith is displayed.

  6. Navigate to the AcctTransactions entity to view a multicolumn recordset.

Note: If you see the message "Host refused to connect...", first confirm that the Host Emulator is running (this service is started automatically). You may have a port conflict with another application. You can try to close other applications that may be using that port. Otherwise, you can change the port number for model. This approach requires that you also change the port number in the Host Emulator.