.NET Application Requirements

To be able to use the Verastream .NET Connector on your computer, you must choose the "Microsoft .NET Connector" when you're installing Verastream. Installing with this option selected copies all necessary files to your computer.

To use the .NET connector to develop an application that accesses the host application model file on your Host Integrator Server, you need the .NET development tool--Microsoft Visual Studio .NET., version 7.0 or higher. You also need the .NET Framework SDK, version 1.1 or higher, to be able to link to information on .NET data types from the Verastream MSDN-style compiled help system. The .NET Framework extends Microsoft's .NET implementation, providing improvements to existing features, and enhancements to the documentation. You can use the .NET Framework to build, deploy, and run XML Web services and .NET-connected applications.

When you create .NET projects that will interact with Host Integrator through the .NET connector, you must add a reference to the connector library in Visual Studio .NET which can be found at:

<VHI install folder>\lib\dotnet\WRQ.Verastream.HostIntegrator.dll