C Connector Introduction

Use the Host Integrator C connector, included in the installation of the AppConn COM connector, to create C or non-COM C++ applications for Windows- or UNIX-based development platforms that integrate host data into web applications or client/server applications.

The interfaces supported in the Host Integrator COM connector are not available in the AppConn C connector. Instead, the connector implements a session interface, which includes all of the methods included in the IAppConnTable, IAppConnModel, IAppConnTerm, and IAppConnChannel interfaces. Use the CreateSession() method in the AppConn C connector to create a session object.

Intended Audience

This manual is written for developers who are familiar with developing C or C++ applications on UNIX or Windows-based development platforms.

Getting Started

The C API requires inclusion of appconnapi.h and appconndef.h in the source file. The file Appconnapi.h contains the AppConn API function definitions, and appconndef.h contains AppConn enum and constant definitions.

#include "appconnapi.h"
#include "appconndef.h"