Class ToTitlesByAuthor

  extended by com.wrq.vhi.script.api.OperationEventHandler
      extended by conditionaloperation.ToTitlesByAuthor
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public class ToTitlesByAuthor
extends com.wrq.vhi.script.api.OperationEventHandler

Operation event handler which performs navigation by recordset lookup.

The NYU (New York University) library system, Bobcat provides a "search by author name" function which generates a recordset output. In the model this recordset is the Authors recordset on the BrowsingAuthors entity.

The closest match for the search term appears on a line below a record with the index value set to ">>>". Entering the index number of the following line displays the authors for that book. The entity reached by entering the index number will be either:

This operation automatically navigates to the appropriate title display entity for the author name marked in the recordset, but only if the author name searched for matches the author name in the recordset.

Field Summary
static java.lang.String description
static int executeOperationTimeout
          Timeout in seconds for the executeOperation() event.
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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void executeOperation(com.wrq.vhi.script.api.ExecuteOperationEvent event)
          Called to execute an operation to move to selected author list.
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public static final java.lang.String description
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public static final int executeOperationTimeout
Timeout in seconds for the executeOperation() event. A value of DEFAULT_TIMEOUT means the event will use the model defined default event timeout.

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Constructor Detail


public ToTitlesByAuthor()
Method Detail


public void executeOperation(com.wrq.vhi.script.api.ExecuteOperationEvent event)
                      throws com.wrq.apptrieve.agent.ApptrieveException
Called to execute an operation to move to selected author list.

This operation event handler examines the Index column of the BrowsingAuthors.Authors recordset for an entry which contains the string ">>>". It then matches the text searched for with the author name in the next row of the recordset. If the names match, it issues the keystrokes to display that author's works. If the names don't match, it raises an "Author not found" exception.

executeOperation in class com.wrq.vhi.script.api.OperationEventHandler
event - the event instance