Verastream Host Integrator .Net Reference

HostIntegratorSession.SuspendConnection Method 

Suspends the execution of a currently running Host Integrator server session.

[Visual Basic]
Public Function SuspendConnection( _
   ByVal timeoutMinutes As Integer _
) As String
public string SuspendConnection(
   int timeoutMinutes


Specifies how many minutes can elapse before the suspended session is automatically terminated.

Return Value

This method returns the connection token for this session, which can then be used with the ResumeConnection method to re-establish the connection.


On successful suspension, SuspendConnection returns a token to be used when resuming the session. If the current session is already suspended, this method does nothing.

Reasons for failure include:


Exception TypeCondition
HostIntegratorConnectorExceptionThrown if not connected
HostIntegratorExceptionThrown if the connection is for metadata only

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