Verastream Host Integrator .Net Reference

HostIntegratorSession.MetaDataOnly Property

Sets or gets whether the current session is "metadata only."

[Visual Basic]
Public Property MetaDataOnly As Boolean
public bool MetaDataOnly {get; set;}

Property Value

Sets or gets whether the current session is "metadata only."


A metadata only session does not require a host connection and allows only methods and properties that interact with metadata. You must set MetaDataOnly to true before you use a Connect method.

Once a connect method has been called, and before the Disconnect method has been called, any attempt to change the value of the MetaDataOnly property will generate an error with this text: "The MetaDataOnly property cannot be changed while a connection is active."

When a client connects with MetaDataOnly set to true, the server will not report the connection as a session, and will not allocate a new session or a session from a pool. There will be no indication in the Admin Web Station or Session Monitor that there is an active client connection.


Exception TypeCondition
HostIntegratorExceptionThrown if session is already connected

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