Verastream Host Integrator .Net Reference

HostIntegratorSession.ExecuteSQLStatement Method (String, Int32)

Executes an SQL statement on a table defined in the model.

[Visual Basic]
Overloads Public Function ExecuteSQLStatement( _
   ByVal statement As String, _
   ByVal maxRows As Integer _
) As DataSet
public DataSet ExecuteSQLStatement(
   string statement,
   int maxRows


Specifies the SQL statement to execute.
Specifies the maximum number of rows to return. A value of zero will return all rows.

Return Value

This method returns a DataSet containing the results of the query. If no data are returned, this method returns an empty DataSet.


Executes an SQL statement on a table defined in the model.


Exception TypeCondition
HostIntegratorModelDataExceptionThrown if the SQL statement cannot be resolved
HostIntegratorTerminalExceptionThrown if there is an execution error
HostIntegratorConnectorExceptionThrown when client is not connected
HostIntegratorExceptionThrown if the connection is for metadata only

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