Verastream Host Integrator .Net Reference

HostIntegratorSession.ConnectToSession Method (String, String)

Establishes a connection to a Host Integrator server and creates or allocates a host session with the specified session pool.

[Visual Basic]
Overloads Public Sub ConnectToSession( _
   ByVal server As String, _
   ByVal sessionPool As String _
public void ConnectToSession(
   string server,
   string sessionPool


Specifies the name of the Host Integrator server. This value can be a DNS name or an IP address.
Specifies a Host Integrator session pool.


Reasons for failure include:


Exception TypeCondition
HostIntegratorConnectorExceptionThrown if already connected
HostIntegratorChannelExceptionThrown if the client connection attempt fails
HostIntegratorTimeoutExceptionThrown if the client connection times out waiting for a response from the VHI server
HostIntegratorServerExceptionThrown if the server refuses a client connection attempt
HostIntegratorServerExceptionThrown if the requested model or session is not available
HostIntegratorServerExceptionThrown if the host connection does not succeed

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