Disable Field Translation for Specific Fields

By default, client data is translated from PC code pages to EBCDIC and back again when data is sent between the host and your client application. If you have data that you do not want translated, set the Don't Translate operation attribute in the Transaction Studio.

When set on an input, the input value supplied by the client for that element is not translated before it is sent to the host. When set on an output, the host response for that element is not translated before it is returned to the client output API.

You can only turn off translation for data type PIC X(n) in a COBOL copybook. If you choose to disable translation for a specific element, make sure that the value meets the criteria as follows:

PIC X(n) where n = any alphanumeric character allowable from the character set of the computer.

To disable translation

  1. In the Client Operation editor, select the element which you do want translated.
  2. From the Operations menu, choose New Attributes, and then select Don't Translate.
  3. The attribute label is added to the Client Operation editor and the service is flagged.
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