Accessing Client Operations as a Web Service

When you build a project the Transaction Studio generates a JAX-WS 2 compliant Java bean.

To expose this bean as a Web service

Copy the following files from the <workspace>\<ProjectName>\bin directory to your chosen Web service container (see information on using the Verastream Process Designer below):

Using the Verastream Process Designer as a Web Service Container

Verastream Process Designer R5 (VPD) provides a Web services container that can expose any JAX-WS standard Java Web service.

To use the Transaction Studio <ProjectName>.jar file in VPD:

  1. Create and build a VBI project, such as the sample, AMNU.
  2. Copy your generated <ProjectName>.jar, (for example AMNU.jar), and the BridgeAPI.jar into VPD's Web services container, located at <install location>/ProcessServer/services/wscontainer/lib.
  3. Restart the VPD server.
  4. Use the Web service's WSDL to generate Web service clients (Java or .NET). To access the required WSDL, enter a URL similar to this: http://vpdserver:9999/AMNUService?wsdl.
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