Testing a Project

Once you've created your project, and before you've generated code, you can test your API calls to make sure that they return the correct information using the following methods:

To test a project
  1. With a project open in the designer, from the Actions menu, choose Execute All API Calls.


    From the API Calls view, select a call, and then click the Execute Currently Selected API Call toolbar button (or press the F6 key). If you execute one API call at a time, make sure that the host session is in the correct state to receive that call. To put the host session in the correct state, you may want to click the Pause Recording toolbar button so you can interact with the host without creating duplicate or unwanted API calls in your project.

  2. View the test results of API call execution listed in the API Log view. Select a call in the log, and the Offline Review and Parameter Values views will update to show more information about the selected API call.
  3. (Optional) Save the contents of the log to a text file using the Save Log toolbar button in the API Log view. See Using the API Log View fro more information about the API Log view.


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