Getting Started with Bridge Designer

Verastream Bridge Integrator provides access to CICS mainframe applications. The Verastream Bridge Integrator operates with three functional component groups; the mainframe resident, the designer, and the client code, which is installed on the mid-tier (HLLAPI-style).

Using this designer you can generate source code modules that provide host access capability to your CICS 3270 Bridge applications. A designer project consists of a set of API calls that access the bridge on the host. These calls can be created, modified, and optimized within the designer, resulting in code that is ready to use or customize in your application. You can write your own or use the designer to help create the client code in Java, .NET C#, or VBI Script. Any code generated by the designer can be written manually using the Bridge API. The designer also functions as a hands-on educational tool, highlighting aspects of using the Bridge API that may be helpful or instructive. For example, the optimization feature shows you ways to make your Bridge API code more efficient.

For more information about Verastream Bridge Integrator, see the documentation installed with it, or available on the product CD.


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