Customize Your Host Connection

The Advanced page of the Bridge Designer Connect to Bridge dialog box provides a way to customize your session connection information.

Some applications also require a session to use a specific network name (often equivalent to an LU name). If IDs or network names are not provided, CICS assigns a default.

To customize your session connection information

  1. From the Actions menu, choose Connect to Bridge.
  2. From the Connect to Bridge dialog box, specify the connection settings for your host. See Connecting to the Host for more information on configuring connection settings for your host.
  3. Click the Advanced tab, and then enter the connection settings for your session.
    Terminal Pool Name Enter the name of the terminal pool. These names are set by your system administrator.
    Network Name Specify a particular network name (often equivalent to an LU name) for your session, to a maximum of eight characters. If you leave this field blank, CICS will assign a default network name for your session.
    Terminal Facility Like Facility like is a system programmer's definition for the characteristics for a group of terminals. This setting is configured during installation of the bridge, but if the bridge configuration doesn't have the features your application needs (for example, TCTUA), you can override the setting for this session only using this field.
  4. Click OK to add the connectBridge API call to your project.
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