Create a New Project

A Transaction Studio project is a group of related business objects or client operations. A project contains the files necessary to access the host data and make it accessible to your client application. These include: a list of host executable definitons, a list of client operations, and a list of maps. There is one map for each client operation.

Creating a project is the first step in the Transaction Studio workflow. You must always create a project.

By default, all project files are saved in the workspace directory. You can create a Transaction Studio project in the designated workspace or in any other location you choose.

To create a new project

  1. Open the Transaction Studio.

  2. From the File menu, click New Project. The New Transaction Studio Project dialog box displays.

  3. Type the name and description of your project.

  4. Select the location where you want the project files to be saved. The workspace is selected by default or you can browse to another location and click OK.

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