Verastream Transaction Studio Overview

You can use the Transaction Studio to import COBOL copybooks that describe and model host transactions using Java classes. These transactions are exposed through your custom applications and the client operations expose only the data fields that you choose, which allows for security and simplicity within your application.


The first time you open the Transaction Studio you can choose to step through the short tutorial, Using the Transaction Studio. This tutorial is available through the Help menu and the Studio Welcome page.

The Transaction Studio is project based.

  1. Create a new project.
  2. Declare a host transaction, including importing the selected copybook and its input and output layout.
  3. Create a client operation to map operation elements to the host program data structure, specifying inputs, and outputs from the host program, and which data items from the COBOL copybooks specified in the host program data structure to include in the input and output for the client application JAR file.
  4. Build your project. All project files are created in a directory named after the project, such as <workspace>\<ProjectName>\. When you build the project, the Transaction Studio generates source code to the sub-folder src\ and compiles it in the sub-folder bin\, where it will also be packaged as a JAR file. You can use the JAR file to create your own Java client applications or Web service.

What's next?

When you build a project the Transaction Studio produces a JAX-WS 2 compliant Java bean. This bean is created in your project's bin\ folder as <ProjectName>.jar, and can be used to add host access tasks to applications created in any Java application development environment or exposed as a Web service.

For a complete Verastream solution, you can copy your project JAR file into the Process Designer Web service container, access the Web service, and then combine your Web service with others or modify it to suit your business needs. See Accessing Your Client Operation as a Web Service.

Walk-through the Transaction Studio

Follow this simple walk-through to introduce you to the process and components of the Transaction Studio at a high level.


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