Setting Preferences

Modify the General Preferences to set the Bridge Designer default behavior.

To set preferences
  1. From the Window menu, choose Preferences.

  2. From the General page of the Preferences dialog box, modify the settings as desired.
    Do this
    Open the designer with no project specified Clear the Open Last Opened Project on Startup check box.
    Save your project automatically Select the Auto Save Project check box.

    The designer will save your project every time you close it.

    Hide the QuickPad Clear the Show QuickPad in the Live Interaction View check box.


    Show and hide the QuickPad by right-clicking the Live Interaction view, and then choose Show QuickPad.

    Prevent the designer from automatically changing views Clear the Automatically Make Associated Views Visible check box.

    When you interact with a view in the designer, it may make an associated view visible to provide a smoother workflow; for example, if the Properties view is displayed, and you execute an API in the API Calls view, the Properties view will be hidden, and the API Log view will display automatically to show you the results of the executed API call.

  3. Click OK.

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