Getting Started Documentation Verastream Bridge Integrator
Verastream™ Bridge Integrator™
Version 3.1
May 2011

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This file contains late-breaking information about the Verastream Bridge Integrator.


Avoiding CICS Temporary Storage Problems

VBI Compliance with New RACF Security Rules

The new RACF security rules provide for mixed case passwords. These VBI 3.1 API methods are compliant with this development:

Any userID or password information collected in custom developed 3270 applications on the host must make sure that the terminal is operating with a 3270 model terminal defined with a TYPETERM that allows for mixed case. Also, you should only shift userID and password to upper case if the RACF rules for passwords that are in effect in that CICS region require passwords to be in upper case. If there are too many incorrect sign-on or verification attempts when executing the security related API, the RACF userID may be suspended.