Attachmate Verastream Bridge Integrator Guide


Using the API Calls View

Once you've recorded some host interactions (or manually inserted some API calls), you'll have a tree view of your API calls displayed in the API Calls view, organized by host screen or interaction. Using the API Calls view, you can change the order in which API calls execute within a given host screen by clicking the Move Up and Move Down arrow toolbar buttons.

In the API Calls view, field information is hidden by default. However, you can choose the Show Fields toolbar button to expand the view to show the host fields on each screen in your project. In the tree view, protected fields are shown with a red square icon, unprotected fields are shown with a green circle icon. If you select a field in the API Calls view, it will be highlighted (with a dotted white line) in the Offline Review view.

Browsing the API and Inserting API Calls

Instead of recording an API call, you can insert a call anywhere within your project tree. For more information about inserting an API call, see Inserting API Calls.

Executing API Calls

You can execute the currently selected API call by choosing, from the API Calls view, the Execute Currently Selected API toolbar button. For more information about executing API calls, see Testing a Project.

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