Attachmate Verastream Bridge Integrator Guide


Generating Host Access Code

Using the bridge designer you can generate Java or .NET C# classes that provide host access capability to your CICS 3270 Bridge applications.

Building a Project

Your project consists of API calls to the Bridge installed on the CICS host. API calls are added to your project by recording them or by manually inserting them into the API Calls view.

A typical workflow

  1. Navigating to a specific screen in your host application that provides data you need to make available in your custom host access application
  2. By navigating in the Live Interaction view of the designer, record all the steps needed to access data in your host application. This recording comprises the core content of your project
  3. Insert other interactions as API calls.

Modifying a Project

Your application may require variable input or output. For example, to provide your users with information about individual customers, you can use the designer to create a variable called customerName that is assigned to the appropriate field in your host application. Variables you create in the designer are created and referenced in the generated code.

You can make the Bridge API code more efficient by combining calls to the host using the optimization feature. This feature demonstrates some host-communication-saving combinations, and provides examples of others that you can implement in your code.

Testing a Project

A log is available to view executed project API calls results, as well as the Live Interaction view that shows the state of the host at each stage. You can use these options to test your project with varied input, to ensure that the host access code provides the correst response from the host application, before moving on to the next step.

Generating Code

The designer provides code generators to transform your project into code that you can integrate into your applications. The generated code is divided into sections for each host screen, complete with comments and a return code template (although these features can be turned off if simpler code is desired).

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