Attachmate Verastream Bridge Integrator Guide


Connecting to the Host

Once a project has been created, begin adding newly recorded API calls to the project by interacting with the live host. To get started, use the Connect to Bridge action in the designer to create a connection. This builds a connectBridge API call in your project, and displays the host in the Live Interaction view.

To connect to the host
  1. From the Actions menu, choose Connect to Bridge.

  2. From the Connect to Bridge dialog box, enter the connection settings for your host.
    IP Address The IP address where the Bridge is installed. The Bridge API does not accept host aliases.
    Port Port 2317 is the default port number registered for this use, but any valid port can be used.
    Username Provide valid authentication, if required.
    Password Provide valid authentication, if required.
    Model The model number for your host. The four commonly used models of 3270 terminals are Model 2, 3, 4, and 5. These terminals vary in the number of rows and columns used to display text.

  3. Click OK.

    If the connection is successful, the Live Interaction view shows the last screen retrieved from the host, and the API Calls view shows that a connectBridge API call (with the connection settings given) was recorded.

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