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What's New in Verastream Bridge Integrator

This version of Verastream Bridge Integrator includes the following new features and product improvements:

  • Updated Installation and Configuration Guide in PDF format.

  • A self-contained Install Library (INSTLIB), from which other components are extracted, replaces the SMP/E installation.

  • A CICS Exit program to manage CICS Terminal User Areas (TCTUAs).

  • SSL connections are available under CICS TS 3.1 and above using the CICS Web Services Interface.

    A connected system's SSL certificate may be used for authentication. You can use this authentication in addition to or in place of IP filtering to restrict access to the host engine from the network.

  • The Sample/IVP program has been renamed from ATMHELLO to XTR1A003 and the mapset from ATMMAPB to XTRM30, and is installed by default. The recommended Transaction ID is still ATM1.

  • To provide improved throughput, you can maintain the optional ID Manager Pool configuration on the host system.

  • There is a new ID Manager Pool Status Display transaction.

  • You can activate additional security to parallel terminal security.

  • New parameters have been added to the server customization.

  • Support for international (single-byte) host code pages has been added.