Getting Started Documentation Verastream Bridge Integrator
Verastream™ Bridge Integrator™
Version 3.0
August 2008

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This file contains late-breaking information about the Verastream Bridge Integrator.


Editing Text Files in Windows

If you use a Windows utility (Notepad, for example) to edit a text file intended for a different environment, such as a script or JCL file, you may introduce changes to the file. You must use ASCII conversion when you transfer the file to the host using FTP.

Scalability Limitations in the Java Environment on Windows 2000 Server

In the Windows 2000 Server environment, the Java API to the Bridge Integrator (BridgeAPI) has a known limitation to scalability. Under heavy load conditions, Java exceptions may occur on the sockets used to provide the TCP/IP communication between the BridgeAPI object and the Host CICS Bridge. The error manifests as a "" during any method call on the BridgeAPI class, with the local address in use during a connect operation on a newly allocated socket. This appears to be related to a non-synchronous cleanup of the socket connection with a previous close operation, such that a subsequent reuse of a newly allocated socket will find that socket still involved in its prior session. This condition has been shown to occur at method invocations averaging more than 1000 per minute on a single Windows 2000 Server.