Attachmate Verastream Bridge Integrator Guide


Creating a New Project

Your Bridge Designer project includes the host application navigation recording and inserted API calls that can be used to generate code for your Bridge application. Only one project can be open at a time.

When you choose Save As with a project open, the dialog box that appears is essentially the same as the New Bridge Designer Project dialog box.

To create a new project
  1. In the designer, from the File menu, choose New Project.

  2. In the New Bridge Designer Project dialog box, type a project name.

  3. (Optional) Provide a description to customize your project further.

  4. Select a location for your project
    To select
    Do this
    The designer workspace (the default location) Select the Create Project in Workspace check box.

    A directory with the same name as the project name is created in the project location.

    Any other location Type a path into the Directory field, or click the Browse button to select a directory to contain your project.
  5. Click Finish.

    Your new project opens in Offline Review mode (recording is on, though, so if you connect to the bridge, that call is added to your project).

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